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Opportunity Shops

Charity stores arose in the late 1800s as an opportunity for low-income earners to have agency. Customers were heavily stigmatised and there was no dignity attached to shopping at a charity store. The term “opportunity shop”, or op shop, was invented in Australia by Lady Millie Tallis to give the shops a more dignified name.

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Citipointe West

An Affordable Shopping Option

Global Care’s op shops serve the community by offering an affordable and accessible shopping option. Our op shops sell preloved furniture, clothing, shoes, homewares, and books.

Better yet, profits made from op shops are channelled into other care services such as low-cost grocery stores.


Dignity for Customers

Customers from all walks of life are welcome in our Global Care op shops. We pride ourselves on maintaining clean stores, treating customers with dignity and respect, and only selling items of quality.

Global Care Op Shop Manager, Alexandra, says, “They (the customers) are worth the effort we put in.”

Noosa Vols

Positive Environmental Impact

We love God’s beautiful earth and we are its caretakers. We can take small steps every day to steward this planet well — creating the healthiest physical environment that we can, for future generations.

Repurposing second-hand clothes is one way to reduce our impact. Our volunteers sort, wash, and mend material donations.


Jane Noosa

Jane is the manager of The Hub food outlet and Op shop in Noosaville. Along with her tribe of passionate volunteers, Jane hopes to create a comfortable and clean space for shoppers to enjoy.

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