The RAIN Project

The Charleville Christian Outreach Centre RAIN Project has been running for over a decade. Though, the name isn’t about water from the sky! It actually stands for Reaching Another In Need!

It all started with a grazing property. The cattle purchased and sold brought in finances to fund Global Care outreaches.

The Charleville team are passionate about responding to the community’s needs and believes there is always an opportunity to serve. The RAIN Project ensures that there is always money in the bank. The funds go towards projects like:

  • A recent trip to Innamincka (9 hours south-west) to pick up furniture for new residents of Charleville.
  • the Baby Box program that distributes boxes of helpful items to new parents at the Charleville hospital. This program sows into the community in a challenging but exciting time for parents.


Pastor Sam Fromm oversees the local Global Care operation and serves the community out of humility. Sam honours those who have gone before and left a great legacy. He simply wants to continue what God has done through the leaders who have paved the way.


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