Restoring Dignity to Vulnerable Australians

In February 2022, communities along the east coast of Australia experienced a severe flood event. 5 000 homes were condemned in NSW, 20 000 homes and businesses flooded in QLD, and 15 000 people displaced in Victoria. Over 18 months later, the communities affected by this disaster are still displaced and without basic services such as laundry facilities.

When the floods first struck, individuals and families left their homes with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. For many, this meant wearing the same wet, dirty, muddy clothes for several days before being able to access fresh clothes or a laundry facility. When you’ve lost your home, all your possessions, and everything is uncertain, the ability to wash and wear clean clothes can be enough to spur you on.

After conversations with many individuals and families affected by the disaster, the feedback we received repeatedly was the desire for normality. Washing your clothes, cooking your own food, and getting back to work are a few of those normal activities.

While we can’t always rebuild a home, or be there to cook every meal, or find every person a new job – we can wash their clothes to restore their dignity and instil hope.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new national initiative.

Global Care Australia is going to build a Mobile Laundry Unit (MLU). The MLU will be fitted with two washers and two dryers. It is our intention for the MLU to have little impact on the environment, and to be utilised across various regions.

Outside of disaster season, we intend for the MLU to serve people living on the streets. In 2021, 122 494 people were estimated to be experiencing homelessness. This has increased significantly since 2016. One of the most vulnerable groups are our young people, with a quarter of all homeless people aged between 12 and 24. We know that off the back of COVID there has been an increase in interest rates, increasing immigration, a housing crisis, food and supply shortage, and an increase in cost of living. We won’t sit idly by as communities across the nation lose hope in the future.

Our MLU will…

  • Give vulnerable people access to basic services
  • Improve quality of life for individuals and families experiencing hardship
  • Reduce the spread of diseases
  • Instil hope in the future

To execute this project, we need to call on the generosity of our donors and volunteers. If you want to contribute to this incredible new initiative, donate today.

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