UPDATE: Vanuatu Disaster Response

Due to the size of the port on Tanna, it is not possible for the island to receive a 40-foot container. In addition, the cost of sending a shipping container has increased dramatically. Preferring to put finance towards physical items, Global Care will only be sending one 40-foot container to Vanuatu. Once the container docks on Villa, half of the materials will be transferred to a 20-foot container and taken over to Tanna.

As an organization, Global Care strives to resource disaster-affected communities with high quality donations. The container, currently located in Shellharbour, will be filled with items that are more durable and able to endure the tropical conditions of Vanuatu. We are currently seeking the items listed below:

Roofing Tools and Materials Building Tools and Materials Housing and Community Needs Food and Garden Supplies
Metal roofing sheets 20kg bags of concrete mix 4-man tent or larger Non-perishable canned food
C section purlins (C100 and C200) Post supports and anchors Stackable plastic chairs Seeds for crops
Nibblers and/or shears Timber doors Solar lighting  
Metal roofing screws Galvanised strapping Brooms  
  Metal framing screws Kitchenware  
  Stick welder and welding rods Toiletries  
  Chainsaws Medical supplies  
  Angle grinder Water filters  

If you are an individual or business located near Shellharbour and have quality items to donate for disaster relief, please contact info@globalcare.com.au or visit https://www.togetherforvanuatu.org/pages/donate-items for more information.

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