Mount Isa Impact Report 2022

Located in north-west Queensland, in the heart of the desert, Mount Isa has a number of unique qualities. The region hosts some of the world’s richest mineral resources, is known for its prime cattle conditions, and holds one of the biggest three-day rodeos in the southern hemisphere.
Since 2000, Keith and Lynette Christie have served as the Senior Pastors of Christian Outreach Centre Mount Isa. The mission of this local church is to build strong families, establish a safe city, and serve the community. As one of our local Global Care operations, Mount Isa demonstrates the love of Christ in a practical way.
In 2022, Mount Isa spent $6325 on cleaning up backyards, painting fences, renovating homes, removing trees, and fencing for flood affected farmers. Beyond the manual labour, volunteers from Mount Isa frequently visited the local hospital to hand out free coffees to the workers. Over 50 volunteers were engaged in projects throughout the year, and numerous community members were impacted by the compassion of the local operation.
We can’t wait to see what projects Mount Isa Global Care will undertake in the years to come!
Mount Isa Impact


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