In early September, Kingdom Hope Church hosted a Charity Golf Day to raise funds for and raise awareness of Global Care Australia. More specifically, all proceeds from the day went to the Mobile Laundry Unit (MLU) project. In total, the Golf Day contributed $10 589.50 towards Global Care’s first MLU. While this will not cover the full cost of the unit, it is a significant contribution to the project. Global Care is seeking grants and local level buy-in to cover the remaining costs.

Global Care Caboolture will be the first local operation to launch a MLU. Bruce Heile, the coordinator at Caboolture, has started to build a strong team of volunteers, establish strong relationships with other local organizations, and has contributed significantly to the design of the unit.

Some of the early trailer designs include two washers, two dryers, a shower, and a space to connect with community members. Bruce says,
Homelessness is becoming a tsunami that is not dissipating but rather continuing to grow.
Sensing the growing urgency for this service, the plan is to launch the first MLU in early 2024.
If you would like to contribute financially to the MLU project, click HERE to donate.

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