Written by Jude Kalman – founder, owner and operator of Little Drum Pictures

It’s seen romance blossom on the dance floor and shared meals with individuals and families in the town of Childers since 1949.

The Apple Tree Creek Memorial Hall is now home to INC’s Community Church where full time pastors, and business owners Nigel and Jo recall, “at times it’s unbelievable but it’s true!”

Meeting Pastors Nigel and Jo you soon learn they are hardworking, full of wonder and faith.

Nigel and Jo

They have lived most of their lives in Childers, leading their community through serving on the hall’s building committee, restoring the hall, building their own BBQ trailer, and opening up a container for their interim foodbank. When Ps Nigel tells you the story about the hall he says;  “We never coveted it, we never wanted it, all we ever wanted to do is serve.”

Imagine Project

Ps Nigel had been at an INC conference when a man came up to him and said, “I’m giving you this dollar and you’ve got to attach your faith to it. And God will give you a building”.

On his return Ps Nigel took this to the church and asked the same.

I asked everyone to give $1 and attach their faith into the Imagine Project. We called it the Imagine Project because we wanted people to imagine what it was like to have their own building.

In their first offering with a group of 20 – 30 people they received 97, 1 dollar coins (with faith attached.) Soon after, neighbouring churches reached out and donated money.

“You can’t make this stuff up”, Ps Nigel exclaims as he continues to share stories about the generosity of God and others.

Faithful Stewards

After 2 to 3 years of serving on the Apple Tree Creek Committee. The board gifted the hall to the church. A faithful couple tithed a generous amount to the building fund and they were able to purchase the land on which the hall stands. Church house included. The real estate agent’s response to all this;  “This is impossible.”

Ps Nigel and Jo laugh and get a little teary as they share the story. It’s no wonder they stand in wonder as they share about  His goodness, kindness and provision.  We all stood in wonder hearing the countless stories of the big and small moves God made in making a way for this hall to become a home.

The Future of Global Care Childers

By partnering with Foodbank Australia,local farmers, and local grocery stores, Global Care Childers provides low-cost hampers for those in need. The local Global Care currently operates from a shipping container and a small walk-in freezer. As the need for support increases, there are plans to establish a low-cost grocery store. Watch this space in 2023…

Mates at Childers

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